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Executive coaching

for practice owners

and partners

As a senior architect or designer your creative talents are unquestionable. 

But running a practice can be a challenge. There are often feelings of isolation to contend with as well as the pressure of having to make the right business decisions to move the practice forward. And you need outstanding leadership skills to spot and nurture talent within your business and to enjoy positive and rewarding interpersonal relationships. 


GROW is a series of executive coaching sessions that give you a dedicated space to focus on the important issues affecting your business and the skills needed to ensure it flourishes.


Whether you’re a practice owner, partner, or sole practitioner, GROW executive coaching is tailored to your specific personal and professional challenges. Consider THINK:BUILD your strategic thinking partner.

The agenda is set by you and the one-to-one coaching sessions take place in person, or on the phone or via Zoom, at an interval of a week, fortnight or month.

Executive Coaching for Practice Owners and Partners

Focus Areas + Topics  

executive coaching for architects + designers

The outcomes of GROW executive coaching sessions will vary depending on the objectives. But typically, you will be able to:

Make better business decisions

Lead a happy and proactive team successfully


Identify talent and potential leaders in your practice


Communicate better and solve problems


Think strategically rather than tactically


Manage your time effectively


Enjoy a better work/life balance

“Britta's skillfully listened to what I needed from coaching, kept me on track and helped me think about successes and challenges in new ways. She helped me think about a specific business implementation, and I am now growing my client base. If you need a safe space to think out loud or to plan the next steps, then Britta can help you build an achievable plan and be accountable for it.”

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