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Redesigning your organisation to meet the needs of the business

You’ve completed projects, built a reputation and the business is growing.

But as your architectural practice develops, you are now faced with a number of challenges around systems, processes and ways of working that you hadn’t had to deal with until now. It can leave you feeling out of control.


A STRUCTURE consultation helps you redesign your practice to give you an office arrangement to meet the needs of your business now - and in the future.

Whether you’re a small or mid-size practice, or your practice is in the process of growth or is likely to do so in the future, a STRUCTURE consultation is an opportunity to ensure its fit for purpose, through a series of customised face-to-face meetings and group sessions with practice owners, partners and key team members.

We start with an initial meeting to understand your challenges and objectives. Next, we review the current structure of the practice plus your processes and procedures via a series of workshops. Finally we develop a proposal for you to implement, or we can facilitate the development and implementation for you.

Office Structure Design

Example of Building Blocks

architecture practice organisational structure

The outcomes of a STRUCTURE consultation will vary depending on the brief. But typically, you can expect:

A practice structure that reflects your business in terms of organisation size, culture, values and project design approach

A practice structure that allows the business to grow and diversify in the future

Clearly identified areas of responsibility for running a practice (overheads) and projects (fee earning)

Practice specific systems that allow for effective working and on-boarding of new team members

Systems in place that create efficiency and ensure projects are completed on time

Quality management processes

“Britta was in charge of restructuring the architectural practice after the practice had doubled in size and the management team was faced with problems that were unusual to our practice before. Britta led us throughout six months of constant work, helping to establish new practices and policies, gracefully managing to accommodate and mediate different views from all the directors and associates involved. I highly recommend her work!”

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