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Coaching + Consulting

for Architects and Designers

Being innovative.


Solving problems.

Loving details.

Being creative and bold.

These are all the skills needed to design successful buildings.  
But when did you last look up from the drawing board and apply these skills to your own career or practice? When you’re absorbed in the work, it’s easy to let your business or career grow by default – or not at all.

At THINK:BUILD we work with architectural practice owners, as well as individual architects and designers, to help you realise your full potential, and that of your business and team.

Through coaching and consulting, we help you take control of your practice, and win new business and clients. We also help bring the fun back into ‘the business of architecture’ and remind you why you decided to become an architect in the first place.

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THINK:BUILD is a coaching and consulting practice created to give architects and designers the time and space to see their practice holistically.

It gives them an opportunity to think about the future of their business. How do they want the practice to grow? What clients do they want to work with? How can they make the most of the talent available? What processes should they adopt? Could they be better at managing people?

Then through a series of one-to-one coaching sessions, group coaching or workshops, we offer clear, practical and focussed strategies to help architects and designers develop and grow, and consequently build businesses that are strong and streamlined.


About Britta

THINK:BUILD is led by Britta Siggelkow, an accredited professional coach and consultant, and an experienced architect in the built environment, whose career has taken her around the world including Australia, Germany and the UK.  

Britta’s expertise is in the areas of leadership, and business vision and strategy, specifically for architects and designers. She’s also known for her passion for the industry, her inspirational, high-quality coaching and her sense of humour.

Architect Leadership Coach Britta Siggelkow

“Architecture is a unique profession that’s close to my heart. There aren’t many professions that combine creativity, science and technology along with business elements of delivery, team leadership and quality assurance.


However, the reality for architects and designers is that they often experience a feeling of unfulfilled potential and being overworked and underpaid. As a specialist in career, leadership and business development it’s my role to help you see the bigger picture, and to help you grow your practice or develop your career positively and with a plan in place.”

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